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Welcome to MmonsteR Rewards - special program which rewards our loyal customers with different discounts for their purchases, referrals and other activities, which they can use then for their next purchases and literally get more for less money. To enter our MmonsteR Rewards program all you need to do is create an account on our website and you will start participating automatically:

  • Create an account on our website to enter MmonsteR Rewards
  • Enter Rewards interface just by clicking on the red "Rewards" tab on the lower left corner of our website page
  • Start earning MmonsteR Coins (our rewards program's currency) by simply making purchases and other activities
  • Get 3000 MmonsteR Coins on your balance as a welcome bonus!


Earning bonuses for purchases has never been so easy! You are automatically awarded with MmonsteR Coins for each your purchase in the equivalent of 100 MRC for every $1 (U.S. Dollar) spent. On any product page you will see the following block to the right of total price so you may always know how many MmonsteR Coins you will get with buying a product:

You will also earn XXXX MmonsteR coins

Also, in addition to shopping in our online store, you can earn some MmonsteR Coins by performing other activites:

  1. Like, Follow and Share our pages in social networks
  2. Write Review of our service and products on Trustpilot and other review platforms
  3. Celebrate your Birthday with us and get a huuuge present :)


Spend MmonsteR Coins and get some huge discounts which you can save for your next purchases. Enter "Spend MmonsteR Coins" menu in the Rewards program interface to check which rewards you can redeem. What you get is basically a discount copon code which you can use at a checkout page. Get almost any discount(s) combinations for your taste and needs, for large or small carts, and find your most optimal strategy to get the best price possible when buying our services as you have earned it!

Also, we have Referrals system running within MmonsteR Rewards. Bring your friend and both get 10% discount on your next purchase each when he creates an account and enters our Rewards program. More friends - more discounts, we have some for everyone.


Add your redeemed discount codes to your orders and save more money with every purchase. Also, you will earn MmonsteR Coins even for purchases you are using discount codes with, so Rewards never end, just like our love for loyal customers. How to use your discount code:

  • Before going to checkout open up Rewards interface and enter "My Rewards" menu
  • Choose discount you want to use and click "View" button
  • Copy discount code, proceed to checkout, paste your code in the "Discount" text field and press "Apply" button

So what are you waiting for? It's time to join MmonsteR Rewards and get some real bargain!

Only one coupon code per one order can be used.


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